About us

What is Vincy Community?

Vincy Community connects Vincentians all over the world through our interactive platform.

Vincy community was created to allow its members to share what is currently happening within their respective communities and also learn more about Vincentians.
Listen to interviews done by Vincentians who talk about themselves from an early age to the present.
This platform is a one stop place for local Information, Learning, Fun and more!

Vincy Celebrations– Achievements, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebration of life, Polls, Quizzes, VcTv

Vincy Family Talk-where Vincentians talk about their family through audio or video podcast.

Vincy Classifieds-Showcasing products & services on sale and more

Vincy Community Board– Whats happening in the respective Vincy Communities

Vincy Stories– Vincy Diaries, Vincy Family Talk, Vincy Politics, Vincy Views, Vincy Workplace, and more.

Vincentians in One Space